What Is Anti Aging?


Anti Aging is basically the process of slowing down the effects of aging on the skin of the face, neck and chest.  Through a series of treatments including surgical, non-surgical and topical skin care products, patients can combat the effects of things like sun damage, acne, stress and more, to reveal a younger more youthful looking skin.


Vancouver Anti Aging Services We Offer


At Vancouver Cold Laser, we offer a wide variety of anti aging treatments and therapies.  Each treatment is highly effective on its own, however, we feel the best approach to fighting the effects of aging on the skin is to take a multi-pronged approach.

Using cutting edge laser treatments along with our own clinically formulated range of skin care products, we will have you looking younger in no time, with a smooth radiant and well cared for glow! Read below about the different anti aging concerns and how we can treat them at Vancouver Cold Laser.

Wrinkle Reduction


As we age, our skin loses elasticity and begins to sag, leading to wrinkles around the eyes, mouth and decollate.  And while there are topical solutions that offer some improvement to these areas, the most effective way to treat wrinkles is via laser skin resurfacing, sometimes also referred to as photo rejuvenation.

At Vancouver Cold Laser, we will evaluate your skin and your desired treatment effects, then choose the type or combination of lasers and other treatments that will be the most effective for your particular skin concerns. 

Results are rapid, with little to no downtime, and soon you will see your beautiful smooth new skin emerge.


Jowl Lift


Have you ever looked in the mirror and noticed that you seem to have lost some of the definition around your lower face, jaw line and neck?  This condition is called ‘sagging jowls’.  As you age, the skin of the jaw line and neck can become thinner, and will become slack, leading to pouches and bagginess that are referred to as jowls.  Jowls can make a person look angry and upset, and of course years older than they are.

Using a combination of light therapy, micro current and ultrasound that reach deep within the skin’s layers to stimulate collagen growth and tissue regeneration, you will begin to see your skin’s firmness return, and a redefined and contoured jaw line.  As the firmness of your skin improves, so will the overall look of your jowls.

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Dark Under Eye Circles and Bags


Women of all ages can suffer from dark under eye circles and bags.  There are many things that can contribute to dark under eye circles including stress, lack of sleep, allergies, reactions to medication, eye strain due to the use of computer and cell phone screens, sun exposure and more.

If you’ve tried at home remedies such as under eye creams or masks and aren’t seeing the results you’d like to, we can offer several different treatment options: Oxylight therapy, LED treatment, ultrasound, micro dermabrasion, and medical grade skin peels.  Each treatment can help to reduce or completely eradicate these pesky puffy little dark half moons that you see under your eyes.

Because the under eye skin is so delicate, we recommend trying one type of treatment at a time vs. multiple treatment types simultaneously, so as not to over stress the skin.  As we begin to see how your skin reacts to the initial few treatments, we may recommend a follow-up course of treatment using a different method, or even add in a secondary treatment such as the use of hyperpigmentation gels around the eyes at the same time.  Between the laser light and the gel, dark circles will begin to disappear as the melanin that causes them is dispersed from the eye area.


Sun Damage


These days, most of us are aware of the dangers of too much sun exposure to our skin.  However, earlier in our lives, we my not have realized just how bad this damage could be later in life.  And then again, some of us just thought that having a nice dark tan made us look more healthy.  Boy were we wrong!

As we now know, sun damage is very real and it can lead to everything from wrinkles, to age spots, to loss of firmness, to skin cancer.  And the more we allow our skin unprotected exposure to the sun, the worse the effects will become over time.

At Vancouver Cold Laser, we offer a series of treatment options that can help to undo the damage to our skin.  We also offer a full line of medical grade skin care products that will help to maintain the results of our laser treatments.

Your initial treatment will likely consist of a micro-dermabrasion treatment to exfoliate dry flakey skin from the surface of the treatment areas.  This will be followed by a series of laser treatments every two weeks for a period of six to eight week.  Finally, we will prescribe a skin care regiment of our medical grade anti aging products to help maintain your fabulous new results.  And of course, it goes without saying that the use of a good strong SPF will be required to prevent further damage to your skin.


Anti Aging Summary


At Vancouver Cold Laser, we offer a wide variety of anti aging treatments that are safe and painless.  Our treatments will lead to a beautiful fresh glow to your skin that can be maintained with follow up treatments and products designed specifically to target the causes of age-related skin conditions.

If you are interested in trying our treatments, give us a call!