The Three Step Must Have Beauty Treatment

These days, there are so many new skin treatment options available, it can often be difficult to figure out which treatment(s) may be right for your particular skin issues.

What Is a HydraFacial?


A HydraFacial is a three-in-one beauty treatment that involves the use of a special instrument to exfoliate, cleanse, and moisturize all in one treatment. 

The HydraFacial tool provides exfoliation and an incredibly deep clean by vacuuming out pores using a special cleansing solution that is potent, yet gentle and natural, to leave pores free of oily buildup.  You’ll never have to suffer through a painful manual extraction again if you choose a HydraFacial the next time you visit Vancouver Cold Laser.

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    Our Signature Hydrafacial


    $ 175.00

    STEPS: 1 - Cleansing 2- Exfoliation 3 - Extractions 4- Hydration using utilizing super serums containing antioxidants, peptides and hyaluronic acid.


    Deluxe Hydrafacial


    Invigorating treatment which includes all the essentials of Signature Hydrafacial and addressing your skin concerns with appropriate boosters. LED lights to further reduce visible signs of aging. Choose from one of the treatment options below:



    Includes extended extractions and BLUE LED light.




    Includes Brightenol to minimise and fade dark spots.




    Includes DermaBuilder to reduce fine lines and wrinkles




    Includes CTGF to improve appearance of skin tone, texture, elasticity and collagen.




    The ultimate Hydrafacial experience!


    Detoxification with Lymphatic drainage
    Booster specific to skin’s needs
    LED Light therapy for further reduction of visible signs of aging

    We recommend Hydrafacial once a month.

    4 treatments (save 10%)
    6 treatments (save 15%)

    What Skin Conditions Will a HydraFacial Help?


    The HydraFacial can treat several skin issues very effectively.




    If anti-aging is what you’re seeking, the HydraFacial is your best bet.  It’s non-invasive, gentle, yet extremely effective at reducing the signs of aging, due to the three steps of deep cleansing, exfoliation, and infusion.  Your skin will also drink up your at home skin care products much more effectively post HydraFacial.


    Brown Spots and Areas of Discoloration


    Because a HydraFacial involves exfoliation, it can be highly effective at reducing (if not removing entirely) those pesky age spots we all hate.  With continued treatment, these spots may never return.




    The HydraFacial is particularly effective at acne because it addresses some of the major causes of acne – clogged and congested pores and buildup of dead skin cells on the skin’s surface.


    By delivering such a deep clean to your pores, breakouts are less likely to occur.




    While a HydraFacial won’t ‘treat’ Rosacea per se, because it’s such a gentle treatment, it may be ideal for those who suffer from extremely sensitive skin due to Rosaces.

    What Age Group is HydraFacial Best For?


    Because the HydraFacial is so gentle, it’s an idea treatment for almost all age groups, and can address the skin issues faced by women in their 20s, 30s, 40s and up.


    How is a HydraFacial Performed?


    During the treatment, the first step is to exfoliate.  The HydraFacial tool will be used with a special solution to gently exfoliate your skin, removing dead skin cells and build up, leaving your skin clean and glowing.


    The next step involves the use of a special attachment to the HydraFacial wand that will then vacuum up the dead skin cells left behind after the exfoliation treatment.  Additionally, the vacuum will extract dirt and oil from your pores, clearing pore congestion that can lead to breakouts.


    The final step of a HydraFacial is the infusion of intensely moisturizing serums that are more deeply absorbed by your fresh new skin.  Using yet another attachment that looks like a pen, your technician will apply a serum that contains moisturizers, vitamins and antioxidants onto your skin.  Because your skin is now free of dead skin buildup and pore clogging dirt and oil, the serum will be more deeply and effectively absorbed.


    The results?  Bright, clear, clean skin that glows with health.

    How Much Does a HydraFacial Cost?


    A HydraFacial treatment will cost anywhere from two to three hundred dollars depending on the condition of your skin at the start of treatment.  Your technician will assess your skin and discuss your course of treatment.


    How Many Treatments Will I Need?


    While most patients report amazing results after just one HydraFacial treatment, the number of sessions you’ll require will be based on which type of skin issues and conditions you would like to treat.


    At Vancouver Cold Laser, we recommend having this amazing treatment every month to maintain the results, and keep your skin healthy, fresh and clean.

    What are the Side Effects of a HydraFacial?


    Most people report little to no side effects following a HydraFacial, however it is important to be aware of the possible side effects, including the following:


    • Mild redness and a feeling of skin tightness, both of which will generally subside within an hour or two of the treatment.
    • Purging – because the pores are now open, this may pave the way for oil and bacteria even deeper within the skin’s layers to rise to the top, leading to breakouts.  This is a common side effect of many skin treatments.  While annoying, it’s worth it to know that soon all that gunk will be gone!
    • Sun sensitivity – because your skin is newer and fresher, it will need extra care when exposed to the sun.  Be sure to use a strong sunscreen at all times!
    • Sensitivity to skin care products – while most skin care products won’t cause any irritation, it’s best to avoid the use of scrubs, chemical peels and strong retinoids at least for the first week or so following treatment.  If you plan to have a series of HydraFacial treatments, it’s best to avoid the use of these types of products entirely until your full treatment course has been completed.



    HydraFacial is a treatment that can address a multitude of skin conditions and issues all in one treatment. In fact, HydraFacial is actually three treatments all rolled into one –