Cold Laser Therapy For Dark Circles Under Eyes

Laser Treatments for Dark Circles Under the Eyes

What Are Dark Under Eye Circles?


Have you ever looked in the mirror and noticed that the area under and around your eyes looks dark and shadowy, almost bruised?  This is a common issue many women suffer with.  In medical terms, the condition is known as Periorbital Hyperpigmentation (POH).  The condition can cause a person to look tired, like they haven’t had enough sleep, or that perhaps they are suffering from an illness.

What Causes These Dark Circles?


Dark under eye circles can appear for many different reasons and can be caused by things like allergies; low iron in the blood (anemia); being tired and fatigued; as a side effect of medications you may be taking; too much sun exposure (which damages the delicate skin around the eyes); dehydration; eye strain; age, and more.

There are so many environmental factors that can lead to these dark circles, and of course in this age of technology, spending too much time looking at a computer screen or phone can cause the eyes to dry out, which may lead to these pesky dark circles.

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One of our most popular treatments it’s been called “the Fotini method”. This treatment brightens, lifts, tightens eye area. When Fotini teaches at the local esthetic school, will choose a student with dark under/above under eye circles and perform treatment on one side of the face to show students the huge difference with just one treatment compared to the other side. A lot of brides have few treatments before their wedding to have that glowing, bright skin especially around the eyes for their pictures and their special day. Results are incredible and not just on the eye area. The whole face is lifted and brightened, glowing, even, alive! We recommend 6 treatments 2 weeks apart for best results.


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When Will Dark Circles Start to Appear?


Dark circles can appear at any time in your life.  For instance, a younger person may develop the condition due to a lack of sleep (think of a college student who stays up all night studying).  However, in general, most women begin to see the dark circles appearing at some point in their twenties, due to a combination of the causes mentioned above.


What Types of Treatment Can Reduce Dark Circles?


There are several highly effective methods of treating dark under eye circles.  At home, you can try things like applying a cold compress to your eyes, or even cold wet tea bags.  And of course, ensure you are getting enough sleep each night and drinking lots of water.

If you’re looking for a more powerful treatment to help get rid of your dark under eye circles, Vancouver Cold Laser has several options available:


Medical Grade Chemical Peels


Chemical peels can help speed up skin exfoliation around your eyes.  By removing the top dead layers of skin, you will see fresh new skin emerge.  The new skin will have a brightness and radiance that will make the skin around your eyes glow with freshness and youth.


Oxylight Therapy


Oxylight therapy is an amazing treatment that combines the use of both light and oxygen to reduce the signs of aging around your eyes.  During this treatment, a special LED laser will apply different colors of light at the targeted areas. This light reaches deep within the skin to stimulate the growth of collagen – a key protein that helps our skin look youthful.  The LED treatment will also cause your skin to become more firm, reducing the look of aging.

Along with the LED treatment, we use an oxygen system that involves mixing clean fresh oxygen with our medical grade topical treatments that are full of vitamins and peptides, applied directly to the eye area post-LED treatment.


Biosonix Ultrasound Therapy


Biosonix Ultrasound Therapy combines LED treatment with ultrasound waves that deeply penetrate the skin.  The ultrasound waves promote healing and encourage the growth of new collagen.  Both of these factors will improve the look of your eyes, reducing the dark circles and freshening the orbital area.


Medical Grade Topical Skin Care Products


At Vancouver Cold Laser we use proprietary formulas in our medical grade skin care products.  Loaded with vitamins, peptides and anti-oxidants, these products will enhance and prolong the benefits of other treatments.  They can also be used alone without other treatments, and our patients report amazing results in the look of their skin with continued use.


How Many Treatments Will I Need?


At Vancouver Cold Laser, we recommend a course of six treatments spaced every two weeks, then follow-up treatments every other month.


How Long Will Treatment Take?


Because the skin around the eyes is extremely delicate, your technician will develop a special treatment plan just for you that takes into account the fact that ‘too much too soon’ can actually make the problem worse.  Likely, your sessions will be around twenty minutes each.  This will allow the area time to rest and recuperate between treatments.


When Can I See Results?


Many of our patients report an immediate improvement right after their very first treatment.  Because we are targeting a very specific part of your skin, the results can be rapid.  We do recommend the full course of treatments however, to ensure that you receive maximum, long term results.


Are There Any Side Effects?


In general, there are few side effects if any.  After your first treatment, you may feel some warmth around your eyes, along with mild redness and tightness.  These side effects usually subside within a few hours.  At Vancouver Cold Laser, all of our treatments for dark under eye circles are non-invasive, and most patients do not experience anything negative post-treatment.


Post-Treatment Care


After each treatment, you will be able to resume your normal activities and go about your day.  At home, you can give your eye area some tender loving care by applying a cool compress to the area, ensuring that you get enough sleep, and eating a well balanced diet.  Drinking lots of water will help to flush out toxins that can lead to puffiness and dark circles.

The use of a good strong SPF is a must at all times, but particularly after treatment of the very delicate skin around the eyes.  Failure to protect the new fresh skin that emerges can exacerbate dark circles under the eyes and undo all the benefits of your treatments.

If you’re interested in a non-invasive and pain free treatment for your dark under eye circles, give us a call at Vancouver Cold Laser.