Our Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cold Laser?

Cold Laser, also known as low-level light therapy, supplies energy in the form of non-thermal light protons by using light waves that penetrate deeply without heating tissue. Cold Laser stimulates collagen production and provides many additional benefits.

Is it painful or hot like other lasers?

Most other lasers purposely damage the skin with heat to stimulate collagen production, with the idea that the damage caused is less than the benefit of producing the collagen. Cold Laser does none of this damage while still stimulating collagen production.

What is the difference between Vancouver Cold Laser and other Cold Laser clinics?

Vancouver Cold Laser offers a 6 part treatment starting with Microdermabrasion then Cold Laser, Light Panel therapy, Oxygen infusion spray, Biosonix ultrasound therapy with LED (delivers serums and nutrients to the skin to stimulate collagen production). The finishing session with Microcurrent treatment lifts and firms for facial toning. The combination of all 6 treatments in one session provides unbelievable results.

What is LED/Oxylight therapy?

The LED/Oxylight uses red, blue and yellow light waves and and combines them with Microcurrent, Oxygen and highly beneficial vitamin exfoliation which improves the skin’s health and appearance resulting in a younger looking complexion. The result provides an immediate improvement in skin texture, tone and appearance while leaving the skin more receptive to the oxygen and light therapies. The LED/ Oxylight’s unique oxygen system takes ambient air and changes it to 95% pure oxygen. This allows for a number of applications including Oxygen High Pressure Spray and Negative Pressure Vacuum Therapy. This is a great treatment to have prior to a special event or to complement your regular skin maintenance.

How do I know which treatment or combination is best for my skin type or condition?

Fotini will provide a free consultation and recommend the best therapies for your specific needs. Each treatment is 75 minutes.

Is there redness and can I apply make up after treatment?

There is no redness after the treatment and it is completely non-invasive. Light Therapy is therapeutic and healing. You are free to apply make up afterwards and can even have the treatment the same day as an event or before your wedding. We actually have a lot of brides coming in the day of their wedding as the treatment gives glowy, dewy skin which is perfect for photos.

I have dark under eye circles. Will this treatment work?

Cold Laser is one of the best treatments for under eye circles on the market. We use Cold Laser combined with specific hyperpigmentation gels around the eyes, with incredible results. Light Therapy works to remove dark circles by dispersing the melanin.


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