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    The Cold Laser Facial

    $ 179

    We start with microdermabrasion to eliminate dead skin cells, roughness, and accelerate the production of new skin cells, restore dullness, soften fine lines, reduce acne and pore size, fade scars and brown spots, stimulate cell turnover and regenerate collagen. We follow with our Cold Laser treatment, which treats a multitude of conditions by stimulating healing and correcting conditions such as : fine lines, saggy skin, rosacea, hyper pigmentation, psoriasis, acne, dark under eye circles, by activating cells, allowing increased tissue repair and healing with no side effects. The results are incredible, clients notice increased elasticity, radiance, a dewy skin tone and vibrant glow.

    60 Min


    $75 / $100

    Our Biosonix Ultrasound is paired with full Spectrum LED light and ultrasound waves, which help penetrate your products deep into the skin. These ultrasound waves also trigger the development of new collagen as well as healing. This healing treatment is the best way to end your facial because it helps all the ingredients we used during your facial to penetrate deeply.

    10 / 20 MIN


    $75/ $100

    Our Oxylight treatment combines both oxygen and light to combat the signs of aging. It is one of the most powerful anti-aging treatments available, and offers optimal non-invasive skin rejuvenation. The LED light panel is made up of wavelengths of Blue, Red and Yellow LED light that are used to promote the production of collagen as well as destroy harmful bacteria while at the same time, oxygenating and tightening the skin. The oxygen system takes the air we breathe and filters it to 95% pure oxygen, which is then sprayed with vitamins and serums and applied to the skin. Perfect for post-surgery and laser procedures, as well as acne and anti-aging.

    10 / 20 MIN



    Includes a take-home kit

    25 MIN

    This Month's Special


    Five Part Treatment With Microdermabrasion

    Phytoscan And Sapphire 3 Panel!



    I have been going to Fotini for the past few years.I had suffered from shingles which resulted in scars on the entire right side of my face and had reached out to many clinics, doctors and dermatologists who felt that if treated it would leave white scars and or make them worse. I was discouraged, disappointed and deflated. After one last attempt I found Fotini and she asked I come in to see her. I was immediately treated with such great attention to my skin and such a personalized action plan. She is knowledgeable, professional, kind and passionate about what she does.She started with lightening my scars and after just one cold laser treatment I saw great improvement. I continue to see her for overall maintenance and can honestly say my skin has never looked better. I receive compliments often on my skin. My husband notices right away that my skin is instantly brighter. My mother in law is also now a huge fan after one treatment as well.
    Teresa Kulczycki
    Teresa Kulczycki
    05:26 13 Aug 23
    Fotini is best, I have been getting cold laser treatments and I got results after few treatments.
    Puneet Kaur
    Puneet Kaur
    01:39 14 May 23
    I’ve been getting my eyebrows waxed by Gisele for a little over 10 years. I went to her because of a wonderful review someone left about her online and I’m so glad I did. My eyebrows were pencil thin + really badly shaped from years of threading and Gisele fixed them. They are now beautiful, full, perfectly shaped eyebrows! I rave about Gisele to anyone and everyone who has brows! Honestly, if you go to her, you won’t be disappointed!
    Priya D
    Priya D
    09:53 03 Jun 22
    Fotini is knowledgeable, professional, and super friendly & fun - and does amazing work! Highly recommend.
    Amanda Grant
    Amanda Grant
    16:10 30 May 21
    I have been receiving cold laser treatments for the past 6 years and my skin has never looked better. I’m a 65 year old woman and Fotini has taken such great care of my skin. She is a professional in all aspects of her treatments. My skin is clean, bright and glows after each treatment. I receive compliments on how great my skin looks which is so welcome at my age. Her studio/clinic is extremely clean, sterile, and follows all Covid protocol. I highly recommend her services!
    Christine Craig
    Christine Craig
    19:41 04 Jan 21
    Fotini and her services are just amazing! In dealing with some hormone imbalances that left my skin with more breakouts than when I was a teenager, Vancouver cold laser helped clear up my acne and lessen my melasma. Fotini is a wonderful person, her services remarkably affordable, and the results amazing! Highly recommend!
    Kelsey Crane
    Kelsey Crane
    00:50 21 Jul 20
    Fotini is a miracle worker if you’re looking for youthful, fresh skin. My skin feels brighter tighter and smoother the moment I leave and it’s made such a difference over the years. Best secret in Vancouver, highly recommend especially for her prices!
    Katie Burkard
    Katie Burkard
    21:10 11 Jul 20
    I have been Forini's client for sometime now. She is very knowledgeable and has the latest cold laser machines. I have done multiple treatments, however,one of my favorite is the one to treat rosacea and under eye dark circle. I got really great results. My skin is better than ever get compliments on it all the time. Highly recommend it.
    Iliana Rosabal
    Iliana Rosabal
    19:17 10 Jul 20
    Fotini is truly a gem! I’m actor and my skin is constantly over worked with make up and the long hours, she always makes me feel camera ready. I especially love her under eye treatment, I naturally get more dark circles due to genetics and she always makes me look refreshed and as if I’ve slept for years!!
    linz morgan
    linz morgan
    10:37 25 Jan 19
    I initially found Fotini through a Groupon years ago and have been a loyal client ever since. After trying many different products and peels, cold laser was the only treatment that managed to get rid of my sun damage. I frequently get compliments on my skin - it is even-toned, tight, dewy ... most can't believe that I haven't had botox. A number of my friends now also see Fotini for treatments. Not only are the treatments amazing, I always look forward to my appointments as Fotini is just a lovely person. I highly recommend her services.
    Amanda Harris
    Amanda Harris
    21:05 22 Jan 19
    I've been seeing Fotini for 5 years. I started with an intensive, seeing her every 10 days for about 5 weeks. Now I do maintenance and especially for an event where I want my skin looking great. Love the way her treatments (especially oxygen!) tighten, brighten, smooth and lift. Seeing her is super fun because now she's a good friend so I look forward to our visits even more!
    jill schmelke
    jill schmelke
    20:04 20 Jan 19
    I work in the health care profession. I have been thoroughly impressed with Fotini's professional and knowledgable care. Based on her assessment of my skin care needs, Fotini uses a variety of treatments. Light therapy, cold laser, microdermabrasion, oxygen therapy to name a few of the machines used. My skin is smooth and fresh looking. Pore size has diminished and I often get complimented on my youthful look. I'm very glad I found Fotini and Vancouver Cold Laser.Best prices and great product lines too!
    Adeline Noble
    Adeline Noble
    07:42 18 Jan 19
    I've been going to Fotini for a few years, my skin has never looked better.I always get compliments on my skin, gone are the dark circles, dullness, uneven skin tone, it's lifted, younger,unbelievable results!Fotini has the latest technology, prices are the best in Vancouver for what she does.I'm also in the beauty industry and can really tell the difference with her treatments.Treatment includes 5 parts, with microdermabrasion, cold laser, light therapy, oxygen and ultrasound for incredible results.Highly recommend!!!!
    Sophie Charalambides
    Sophie Charalambides
    19:29 17 Jan 19


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